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Special Offer!
Business Edition Plus + Voicemail-To-Text Together!
There's no better way to use YouMail than with the combined power of Business Edition and Read-It Lite fully automated voice-to-text transcription.

This plan now also includes complimentary recording services for your very own Smart Business Greeting.

Get through your messages faster than ever and manage your voicemail messages just like email!
Regularly $14.98/month
Now Only $9.98/month

Upgrade Today!

250/mo Machine Transcriptions

YouMail Business Edition includes the following premium features:
Smarter Business Greeting
Greet your clients with the professionalism they deserve.
Expanded, enhanced inbox
Store and search up to 10,000 messages for your growing business.
Multi-Line Support
Connect all your phone numbers into a single voicemail inbox.
Phone and email support
Premium support means we're there for you when you need it.
Auto-reply with business card
Instantly TXT your callers with your business info when you miss their call.
Auto-forward urgent messages
Out of the office? Auto-forward voicemail to a co-worker or assistant.

Compare our free, personal and business plans below

Visual Voicemail
Mailbox size 100 500 10,000
Enhanced visual caller ID
Check by Android, iPhone, online, telephone
Share by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter
No advertisements!  
Call Alerts
E-mail and push notification
TXT message alerts for missed calls  
E-mail carbon copy    
Enhanced Features
Smart Greeting - PersonalTM
Smart Greeting - BusinessTM    
YouMail Privacy GuardTM  
Unified inbox for 2 or more lines    
Auto-reply with business card and website    
Auto-forwarding of important messages    
Bulk message download    
  FREE $4.99/month
* Ad-Supported, Personal and Business Edition plans do not normally include voicemail-to-text transcription.
However, the limited time Special Offer combines both Business Edition and Read-It Lite transcirption plans into a single $9.98/month offer.